Photographs as tengible objects - lessons learned in Japanese tsunami

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Re: If everyone printed all the grabs out there,

bford wrote:

People really need to get in the habit of editing their photos down to keepers and trashing the ones that deserve trashing. I feel a bit sick to the stomach when I hear someone say they have tens of thousands of images. It's like a millionaire saying he has a home with 100 rooms. I say, "why?"

I believe is was Ansel Adams that said something to the effect that his expectation was to end up with 10 good photographs in a year's time.  Now the word "good" is subjective.  But figuring how often he shot, he was editing his own work with a stern eye.  And he was talking about photographs taken for their visual appeal and not family snaps.  But think of taking what you have shot digitally in a years time and culling through them all and whittling them down to just 10 images.  Could you do it?

I do believe you have to be a ruthless editor on yourself, regardless if storage is cheap so "why not" What you end up with is are the ones that show your vision and not the act of a digital camera.

However, when I go through mine, saving sometimes is more sentimental (snaps of the family) than it is the presence of the image I've taken.



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