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Re: The Driver

LouHolland wrote:

Hi Minniev, the histogram is very unbalanced, that means if we corrected that first it will reveal what you possibly really saw that day. OTOH the mist in the background is very appealing and could be back by masking. That white boat on the right in the misty part is balanced with an other white one just behind that raft and is to me not directly a point of disturbance as your shot is social moment, but if you want to get rid of it use the content aware option in Photoshop or crop it out.

I have corrected the histogram and masked out the mist behind, that means now it is more or less what you've seen that day otherwise the histogram couldn't reveal it.


It is not to me to judge, you're the artist of this image, but maybe it helps to see what you initially saw.


minniev wrote:

On the south end of Grand Manan, most mornings look like this, but work goes on. The flat vessels are called drivers and are used to transport a device out to the herring weirs to pound the saplings into the sea floor to hold up the nets. I don't know if there is enough detail to make a decent photo of, but the scene caught my eye because of the little light, I think, that could be seen through the fog. What should be done with it? I never seem to know what to do with fog pictures...

Thanks Lou for the comments and the work which does gather in some more detail and makes more out of that little light on the larger raft. Here is what I'm not sure about: the distortion you see in the histogram might have been caused by me. The fog was even thicker and the scene more invisible than in my first post. To get some detail, I tinkered with the histogram itself, lopping off pieces on both ends to redistribute values. I love shooting in fog, but it can be challenging to render both what you saw and what you didn't see but wish you had.

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