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Re: Backup to the cloud should be a camera function

not many people are going to pay extra for a data plan for their camera. The phone companies will certainly charge under such a widespread scenario.

I think you are wrong about that, but it's an issue for the individual to do. In my experience people will pay for ease of use and connectivity ( they already do ! ).

The camera makers don't understand software and they've never been good at anything like that. They could be making the whole process of automatic backup to the cloud over wifi a service they'd make money from ( but they'd have to do it properly ! ). But they don't get that. They seem devoid of understanding of these things.

They should do image handling better than anyone else. A camera should be easier to connect to the cloud than anything else once there's a wifi connection available. This is not the case.

Hey, they don't even get the importance of open raw formats so that third parties can provide the software they're too incompetent to make.

It's remarkable that an industry that makes money from image making devices has completely lost out on the software and connectivity side of things.

Ask yourself who should have started Flickr ? Yahoo or Nikon or Canon ?

Who should have developed Photoshop ? Isn't it odd that the camera companies didn't develop the biggest selling image processing software before someone else ?

I think they'll screw up connectivity just as badly and they've made a fine lack-of-start to doing just that.

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