Advise about buying FE lenses in Japan?

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Re: Advise about buying FE lenses in Japan?

seachicken2000 wrote:

hi, heres my tuppence hapenny worth.

  • for the lowest new prices
  • warranty will be japan only
  • map camera has a wide selection of used lenses
  • kitamura camera has a large stock of used lenses from all its stores searchable online, you can have a lens sent to any store, and they are everywhere
  • you can bargain the price of new and used lenses
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Map & kitamura are overpriced in my experience. Kakaku is probably cheapest but you need to work at it. Amazon japan is cheap & fast & easy. They do cash on delivery for many items so you can do that without risk at your hotel, probably next day delivery or the day after. I live in okinawa 1000 miles off the coast & amazon jp has never taken more than 2-3 days.

to answer your observation, yes the lenses in japan are about 30% cheaper than RoW.

akihabara district of tokyo is the electronics/camera world.

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