Photographs as tengible objects - lessons learned in Japanese tsunami

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Re: Marketing drivel

darklamp wrote:

Hardly a surprise that Fuji wants to encourage people to print photos considering they make money from it.

But if there's a lesson you can learn from a tsunami it's that copies of images stored on servers away from where you live is really a much better way to ensure you can remover the memories than prints.

few people will do that though.

Reality : the vast majority of prints hit by the tsunami are lost, while the copies on servers on the cloud are still there.

true, but most people don't even have a backup to their computer files.

Backup on an external drive for quick recovery. Backup on the cloud for security.

Optical media like MDisc Bluray is great for long term security. of course you should always have multiple backups in at least two locations.

So complete nonsense from a marketing department keen to promote printing as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Not entirely, but yeah, definitely some BS in there.

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