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19andrew47 wrote:

Corrected math, I should know better!

To date the weekly hosts have been, mostly in chronological order:

Jonas B: #1 - 13, 13 editions

gnarayan (Gautham) #14 - 26, 13 editions

RoelHendrickx # 27 - 51 plus 246, 26 editions

cnb (Christa) # 52, 55 - 72, 19 editions

Claus A #53, 54, 73 - 245, 175 editions

LouHolland #247 - 251, 5 editions

Zindanfel # 254, 1 edition

19andrew47 (Andrew) #252, 253, 255 - 326, 74 editions

I am thinking that it may be a time for a new host and perhaps there is someone with an interest in taking over the hosting of this thread. Discussion about this is welcome or if any one has an interest in doing this weekly they could contact me by PM. I have enjoyed hosting this thread but would welcome an opportunity to have a smaller role.


Andrew, I think you have done (and are doing) extremely well.

If you really want to pass the baton, may I recommend that you do not just make that announcement here (I myself had almost missed your roundup, if you had not posted the correction that drew my attention).

You could definitely consider actively sending a PM to one (or a few) of the regular participants.

That is how, at the end of the first year, I got Christa to take over (and later Claus).

(I was actually hoping that you would break Claus' record...  You have a gentle and very consistent approach to the thread: very punctual and constructive - your C&C is often very hands-on, with an actual processing, and that sometimes counts for more than the mere words that I and others provide.)  Exemplary hosting work!

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