Photographs as tengible objects - lessons learned in Japanese tsunami

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Re: Over-reaction?

salla30 wrote:

bford wrote:

salla30 wrote:

I respect anyone who would follow your recommendation, but I certainly would not find it disturbing or sickening to hear of others who keep many many 1000s of images, and do find it a bit of an over-reaction

I am guilty of being in the camp you mention.

But your comment has made me think. I maybe will keep all (within reason of course, and especially where the images concern family and friends) and separate off the keepers more studiously.

One thing that has made me much more picky about what to save is age. The older I get the simpler, and less encumbered with belongings, I desire my life to be.

Very good aspiration. I agree with you completely.

In the future we may come back to a different view of a situation and decide that that image or part thereof is worthy of further study. Why destroy that option?

Digital storage is irrelevantly inexpensive and eco-friendly, so we do have the luxury to keep nearly all of the images we take. I can't quite see the problem.

it depends on how much of your time you wish to devote to the task of managing thousands of images. I have zero desire to do such a thing. It's an endless pit. I'd rather have far fewer images that I can frame in my home than thousands that are mediocre or junk in comparison.

In order to delete you still have to sort through the images. I can equally easily drag into a spare folder for future ref than delete. It's not causing a problem once it's in it's subfolder. Each to his own.

the process of editing pictures actually starts behind the lens.

The endless binning of images onto storage devices is fine if you want to devote the time and expense of storing them.

I also don't see the point in feeling that so many things in our lives should be recorded in a photograph.

Thats a personal opinion which you are entitled to and i do see your point of view also :-), but we're all a bit guilty of that here, I guess

not all of us, or I wouldn't be saying so.

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