Focal length 35mm equivalent, but not F-stop?

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Re: Focal length 35mm equivalent, but not F-stop?

Chikoo wrote:

All camera manufacturer when they publish technical specification of their camera lens publish the focal length and it's equivalent in 35mm. But the same is not done for F-stop. Why?


Pentax MX-1

A 4X optical zoom (28-112mm in 35mm format) at f1.8-2.5 for outstanding depth of field control and beautiful bokeh.

Sony DT 18-135

Focal Length (35mm equivalent) : APS: 27-202.5 mm (35mm Equivalent: 18-135mm)

  • Aperture (Max.) : f/3.5 - 5.6
  • Aperture (Min.) : f/22 - 36

There are arguments about equivalents on both sides but lets be honest we all know the real reason, they want to manipulate the specs they give to make their product look as good as possible.

Lets be realistic as well this is a serious issue, perhaps not for many people who post here but consumers as a whole are being conned as to performance in these kinds of areas(just listing ISO numbers is another).

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