Photographs as tengible objects - lessons learned in Japanese tsunami

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Re: Photographs as tengible objects - lessons learned in Japanese tsunami

zkz5 wrote:

TheChefs wrote:

DVDs suffer from bit rot, I can't read a DVD I burnt 2 years ago, because it rotted away...

What about the DVD you burnt 1 year ago? It could contain the exact same data if you wanted it to.

From sandisk, the page states in red that it's in 1m of water. The forces in Tsunami would have exceeded that by quiet large margin, not to mention dirt and mechanical abuse.

Put down your SD card on ground and jump on it few times, see what happens. Do the same with piece of paper.

The SD card breaks. But who cares? I've got an identical copy of the same data in my basement, and another at work, and another in two different cloud storage services.

You can't make identical copies of anything with a piece of paper. Generational loss guarantees that image will be lost eventually if it stays only on paper.

To be fair to prints, identical copies of prints can be made from the digital source and also stored in numerous locations.

In any case it is just a matter of time where the actual digital storage medium will be impervious to extreme heat, water and typical physical damage. The longevity part is already tackled. MDisc is the best example of that. I am using MDisc for my most important records and all my keeper photos. Awesome medium.

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