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Stephen & Roel, re: Choice

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Zindanfel wrote:

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Stephen wrote:

Unless you are a vegetarian.

Hi Zin another interesting image not sure what you are trying to say, but it make me think about our levels of consumption.

Choice is great but at what cost?


Stephen, I hope my reply below is responsive to your comment as well as Roel's. In the interest of not growing this thread more than necessary, I made a Choice to consolidate.

It's an image of consumer overload, in which I feel you have increased the saturation of the red channel in order to make the meat even more sickly red than most people like their steak to appear under the clingfoil.

I did hit the "Deepen" button in PhotoScape once, but I think the effect is largely due to rosy lighting directed on the red meat shelves by this big chain store.

But I have a problem, and it is that your title "Choice" really does not seem to fit this image.

Choice is what would be the ordeal of the consumer, not of the person filling the shelves.

I think we were on different wave-lengths. Choice by the shelf-stocker never occurred to me. I did think of the meat grade "U.S. Choice" and choices of people following various diets, and choices made in order to produce this bounty such as the policy choice to grant government subsidies in the form of low grazing fees on U.S. public lands, and even choices denied by economic, religious, and other reasons. Overall, I saw the scene as a visual metaphor for the incredible range of choice available to most people in rich countries.

I thought that the hidden face of the worker might serve to suggest the general inaccessibility by the general public to knowledge about sources and production of food. In the US, agribusiness fights tooth and nail to avoid food labeling on issues such as GMO, origins, and transparent naming. For example, MSG often appears on labels as "natural flavor."

If everyone had unlimited leisure to examine and ponder all the photos seen in even just one day, the proliferation of such arcane interpretations would overwhelm dpr's capacity. 

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