From my original NEX-5 and 'substandard' 18-55 lens (image)

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Re: From my original NEX-5 and 'substandard' 18-55 lens (image)

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piticoto wrote:

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

... But I NEVER confuse the camera's mechanical ability with the photographer's ability.
In a real photographers hands, the difference between a 'point and shoot' and an A7 matters not.

So, are you saying that a real photographer is only someone with higher level of photographic abilities? How would you call a photographer with average abilities, or lower than average?

Perhaps I should have used the words "adept photographer".

For a race car driver the equivalent of point and shoot would be a street car. If the difference between a point and shoot equivalent car and A7 equivalent race car doesn't matter for a "real" driver, then lets put him to compete with a street car on the race track!

A professional driver with a street car verses a novice driver in a Ferrari on a track - My money is on the pro.

It was a joke, maybe it was real story about Michael Schumacher and his family getting to the airport with a taxi, and being late he asked the taxi driver to let him drive...:-)

Probably "real" choice is not appropriate, anyone with a camera wanting to capture some pictures is a photographer, at least compared to the other people with no camera. He may be a good one or not so good one. If we use the same word for other categories, imagine real doctor, so what are the other doctors, or real teacher, real policeman, maybe real politician :-). So what are the others that are not real?

I would consider two types of better photographers, the ones knowing well their equipment and the technical aspects, and the ones having the artistic talent, and these don't exclude each other.

The same driver, professional or an ordinary driver, on a street car verses a race car on the track I bet on the race car to get better lap time.

I disagree on your race car assertion. The novice will probably end up in the gutter or weeds and be considered DNF.
But I like much what you say. I must add though that I've seen far better photography from adept photographers with a cell phone than most novice shooters with high end gear.
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