Help evaluating a 70-200vr2

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New Sample, Same Problem? (with pictures)

I've now had the replacement lens since Monday night, and I'm afraid it might have the same issue, just in a different direction.  And once again, I feel like this lens I got from Amazon may have been opened and returned by somebody else.  The warranty card was folded in half inside the manual.

This time I'll use some photos to show what I'm seeing.  Keep in mind that the "corners" shown here are merely near the corners, and only on DX.  I have a D810 that just arrived so I'll get to FX testing next.

These images are all 100% crops of the images viewed in lightroom, default settings only.  All photos are taken wide open because that's where I need to be able to rely on this expensive lens.

These two were taken at roughly 35 feet, outdoors, hand-held at 1/800, 400 ISO, at 200mm.  Earlier shots at 1/2000 and 100 ISO in better light matched the results though.  This is a SINGLE target I focused on, and recomposed to take the four corner shots, so each image represents five shots.

I took the second shot with the camera upside down, just in case there was some kind of alignment or distance issue.  As you can see, the worst corner stayed in the same corner of the lens even though the aim of the camera was reversed.

Here's a similar example with a more natural target.  I focused on the yellow leaf, then took the 5 shots recomposing to put it near the DX corners.  The results seem the same.

The following images were taken indoors at more like 12 feet, on a tripod, 1/200, 100 ISO, 200mm, with a remotely triggered speed light.  This is FIVE targets all attached to the same wall, with all the corners captured in a single exposure.

Here, the results are a little less consistent, and not hitting the same corner.

And here's the same type of shot but at 70mm unlike 200 like everything seen above.

So what do you all think?  Would you immediately send this lens back, or am I out of my mind expecting more consistency than this?  I have no experience with this lens before now.

My two reasons for wanting to return it are:

1. I like to use AF-ON for focusing, and will often use the center focus point then recompose, and this issue will screw with that kind of style.  I realize recomposing wouldn't always work well with a 1.4 prime's DoF, but is it unreasonable for 2.8 on this thing?

2. These samples are all taken from within the *DX* frame, and I think 100% of that frame is fair game for composing your subject.  I'll be shooting this lens on FX so I only expect the real effects to be worse.

(bonus reason: my testing with the last sample led me to believe this "one corner out of focus" thing was a focal plane problem, and it affects targets focused at infinity like stars)

Thanks for any help!

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