Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

DMillier wrote:

I think you're right - which is why I find my DP2M useful. I can use better cameras for most things and when I have the inclination to go texture hunting I can use the DP2m and put up with its frustrations.

What I couldn't do is use a Sigma camera all the time because.... well, there's no nice way of saying this... they are universally awful compared to....anything.

I don't believe that Sigma executives can enjoy hearing such criticisms (or of SPP) but they don't seem to have the inclination (or ability) to do anything about it which is a great pity. I really feel there could be a long term future for the sensor but not in Sigma bodies.

I can't figure out why you would say, ". . . they are universally awful compared to....anything." I definitely do not have the same feeling as you. I have shot with a Sigma SD14 for some time, including model photo shoots, landscapes, product shoots, macro work, and more . . . and it worked fine. I did not have to wait so long for photos to write to the cars that I was forced to buy a faster memory card (though that would have meant that I would have rarely needed to wait for photos to write to my memory card). If I had a 16 GB 800x CF card and an image stabilized lens on an SD15, I would have been happy as Larry . . . except that sometimes I would want for the SD1, because I would prefer the detail and the ability to shoot at ISO 400 late in the afternoon, deep in the woods. Why an SD15? Because the review screen on that camera is far superior to the screen on the SD14 . . . and there is a HUGE buffer for repeatedly shooting raw photos one after the other, continuously. The image quality from the SD14 was quite acceptable, equivalent to my previous main camera, the Canon 5 D, which is quite acceptable, even today. An SD15 would be a superior camera to the Canon 5 D.

I'm not saying the Sigma cameras respond quite as fast as a Nikon D800 or a Sony A7r, but for their price and image quality, the Sigma cameras are a good value and quite usable for a wide variety of shooting, including portraits, landscapes, many types of macro shooting (such as shooting flowers in bright sunlight or shooting flowers or insects with a strobe), and almost every type of studio shooting involving strobes or hot lights. Are they sport cameras? No. But I don't see ANY sports shots in your gallery. In fact, almost all the shots I saw in your gallery were shot at ISO 200 or below. (There was one that was over that - 1600 ISO - this one: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/286305481/photos/877556/img_7777 ) What gives David?

As far as Sigma executives . . . I think they're used to hearing criticism, and they have probably become almost deaf to it, considering the fact that most of the criticisms are based on misunderstanding. For example, your own statement about Sigma camera bodies appears to be a TOTAL misunderstanding. Many professionals have commented about how good the SD1 body is . . . how comfortable it is, how well built it is. It is a weather sealed body, like a Nikon or Canon professional body. Who could ask for more? (I'm not talking about when it was priced at $6,700 - the criticisms at that time of the body not being as good as the Canon EOS 1D or Nikon D3 bodies, though the price asked was at their level, were certainly valid.) The new DP Quattro series is a very well-made, solid body. It's not weather sealed, but neither are the bodies its closest competitors. Even the $2,700 Sony A7r is not weather-sealed. Yes, the Nikon D800 series is weather sealed . . . but would anyone really consider that a competitor to a small, inexpensive camera like the DP series?

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