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Two threads

Lou, you are quite right about running two threads.  Too much!  While this one draws more attention in general that makes it more demanding as well.  Especially as most of the activity occurs in a short period of time.  I need to get some work accomplished around the house and that means spending less time here.  There is problem at the moment with my left wrist/thumb and I don't yet know how much that is going to interfere with doing the work but $1100 worth of materials arrive on Monday and the work will begin!  I need to get Dricore installed, erect walls, run electrical, insulate, and drywall before it snows or I will freeze my butt off doing it in the winter.  A 20 ft by 13 ft room to create and finish but walls around a 20 by 40 area of foundation.  Last fall I had to tear down the studding, drywall and insulation that was there to have interior water intrusion remediation work done.  A contractor was hired to do the water remediation.


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