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Camera Question

Hey guys! So I will try to keep this as short as possible, while still including all the questions and information I need.

I am in the market for a camera to use out while fishing on my boat for filming short films and documentaries. I have made several films in the past and used a combination of gopro's and a sony cybershot camera, which obviously is seriously lacking in quality. I would be perfectly fine using a camera that only does filming as that is really all I am looking for, as I can take captures of the video. In the three years of filming on the water, I have never gotten the camera wet or damaged it, however I would most likely use a rain cover just in case. I will still be using the gopro's for some footage as they are beyond useful in convenience while fishing. So I need something to replace the Sony as my main film camera to serve as the bulk of the filming that I will do. I would like to stay around $1000, as low as possible within that price range. Also, while not imperative, I would definitely like to have the camera as small as I can, to aid in mobility.

I have done a fair bit of research and I seem to be leaning towards mirrorless camera's due to the small size and quality for the price. Some of the Nex's and the EOS M are at the top of my list in that category.

Now the other camera that I think I may be sold on as long as my computer and I can handle the post processing is the blackmagic pocket cinema camera.  Due to the fact that it is one sale for only $500, that leaves a lot of room in my budget for lenses/batteries/memory cards.

I have a mild background in film and photo editing using photoshop and premiere and am certified in photoshop.  I would in no way consider myself an expert in premiere as I don't have much experience, and have never dealt with Raw film that the Blackmagic can do.  I also have never color corrected in the way that the Blackmagic camera would require.  My computer is a lenovo ideapad y500 with dual geoforce 650m GPU and a SSD with external usb 3.0 HDD.

So, with my research and knowledge that I have, it seems to me that if the questions I had about the Blackmagic will work, it is almost the obvious choice to get that camera.  If you guys think that the learning curve is much to steep, or if my computer can't handle it, what DSLR/Mirrorless would you reccomend?

If anyone made it through the entire post, thank you so much for any and all feedback and advice as I definitely need it!!!

Once again, thanks a lot for any help,


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