Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

DMillier wrote:

I think you're right - which is why I find my DP2M useful. I can use better cameras for most things and when I have the inclination to go texture hunting I can use the DP2m and put up with its frustrations.

What I couldn't do is use a Sigma camera all the time because.... well, there's no nice way of saying this... they are universally awful compared to....anything.

I don't believe that Sigma executives can enjoy hearing such criticisms (or of SPP) but they don't seem to have the inclination (or ability) to do anything about it which is a great pity. I really feel there could be a long term future for the sensor but not in Sigma bodies.

If you read the interviews with company execs you'd understand the processors today limit the camera speed and usability.  Given that sigma is a small company, given that sigma is a lean company even for a small company, given that it cannot reuse mainstream knowledge, given that the chips are designed for bayer, given that battery life still needs to improve, it can do great work.

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