Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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I think it depends on what you shoot, I shoot mostly landscapes and some of the results I've seen from the Q look quite horrible for that type of work (garish colours and smudged detail in the distance). However, I've seen some very nice portrait stuff from it. It may well depend on who's shooting and processing with it, but for landscape shots there is no doubt that to my eyes so far the Merrill is superior in what it can produce.

Yes, it all depends. And, as usual, everything gets exaggerated when doing side by side comparisons. Then you can see the difference in very small details. Things you normally may not care about.

It is true that the Merrill (out of the box) gives more texture and more visible detail in e.g. far away parts of a landscape. This gives it an extra punch. It looks sharp and exciting.

But, it is also true that (at least for me) when doing the side by side comparisons the Merrill looks manipulated. It looks like some special effect has been added in the post processing. Very impressive, but not real IMHO.

Often when post processing images I add some sharpening and some S-curve (i.e. contrast) and some color saturation etc. Things that add that extra. The image will then look better, but slightly overdone it will look unreal. I think the Merrill often do that - add slightly more than it should.

I think the thing for me is that you can tone down what the Merrill does in post, but you can never really replicate it coming the other way. I've seen plenty try but never quite manage it, that's why the three Merrills are unique cameras IMHO and why I'll shoot with them until Sigma reproduce what they can do in faster, newer, bodies, which may be never. I get what the Quattro can do, and I can see the appeal for some, it's just not the same for me.

I can see Sigma making a 58.8 (19.6 x 3) MP DP2x Merrill (followed by DP1x Merrill and DP3x Merrill) in the future . . . in the same form factor (body) as the Quattro. The pixel density of the top layer in the Quattro sensor works just fine, so I think there would be very little difference in a new Merrill with the same pixel density. The processor speed is fast enough to process the extra data, and they might be able to increase it a little, so the Merrill version of the camera works just as well/quickly as the Quattro. If this indeed happens, I think it will make a lot of Merrill die-hards happy, because they will get the best of both worlds . . . a new, longer-lasting, faster-shooting Merrill camera, with a slight improvement in image quality, and "true" Foveon performance. Sigma might be able to command a $100 premium for such a camera too. This would let them replace the SD1 Merrill with an SD1 Quattro and an SD1x Merrill. Then they could concentrate on making a couple of full-frame sensors too . . . a 58.5 MP full-frame Quattro, with a 39 MP top layer, and a 117 MP (39 x 3) full-frame Merrill ($500 premium). Wouldn't it be great if Sigma would make a full-frame Quattro that costs $2,995? The Merrill version could sell for $3,495. At the same time they could drop the price of the cameras that have the smaller sensors to $1,995 and $1,795 . . . and if the original SD1 Merrill is still on the market at that time, they could still sell it for $1,295. What a range of cameras they would have!

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