Have I been doing it wrong? Is an A7/A7S actually the camera for me? (For low light pics)

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Tonkotsu Ramen
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Have I been doing it wrong? Is an A7/A7S actually the camera for me? (For low light pics)

Hey guys,

I'm currently using an a5000 with an SAL35F18 and SEL1650 vs the LA-EA2 adapter. I went this route because I like the A Mount lenses, and wanted to eventually move back to A mount when more bodies came out.

Except only one body has come out int he past 1.5 years, and I'm not even sure if it fits my purposes anymore.

So before I blow any more money on anything, I think I need a reality check from the forum.

I'm a JPG only shooter, mostly snapshots of family, food, traveling, "street photography". Also, mostly in very low light. I usually use shutter speeds of 1/30 or faster due to there being people in my pictures. Anything slower than 1/30, people can blink or turn their head or something where it just becomes a blur, which is why I haven't bought something like the SEL35F18.

So as I need to keep those shutter speeds, and already have those lenses wide open, the only thing I have left is to bump ISO. I realize that on my A5000, 1600 and below are quite clean. 3200 is pretty acceptable, but 6400 and above turn to mush. for example, I went to eat at a steakhouse the other night. Very dimly lit place. I took blur free pics at 1/30, but details were all gone at 6400. I thought to myself, if 6400 is bad on this camera, what will really change if I move into an A77ii? Quality would be about the same at that ISO right?

So then I started looking for cameras that were clean at, and above, 6400. I stumbled on the A7 and A7S.

Initially, I had avoided the FE system because of it's price, but as I started gathering lenses and looking into higher end bodies, the prices actually seem reasonable. Except for the A7S at the moment.

I handled an A7, and was impressed by the way it handled in the store. AF is ok, not nearly as fast as the A77ii, but faster than my A5000. Shot to shot speed was about on par with my A5000, but significantly slower than the A77ii.

If I move fully to E mount, I'd be selling pretty much everything I have now and getting either an A7 or A7S. Though I'm not sure if the A7S is worth the extra $1k

I'm absolutely stumped by the choices, and would like some insight from the forum. Am I making the right move by shifting to full frame? Should I continue my path to A Mount and it's single new body? or is there something I can do instead of getting better equipment.

Also, does the A7S hold a significant advantage over the A7 in low light? or are results comparable?

Thank You!

Sony a5000 Sony Alpha a7 Sony Alpha a7S
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