Do higher MP camera require faster shutter speeds?

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Sure enough though, I do have to admit that todays outing certainly did change my views on this topic a bit. This blog posts delves into it a little and may be of some interest to D700 upgrade holdouts.

Tip of my had to those who can say, I told you so!

I think you've missed the point. When people say 2x or 1x focal length for shutter speed they are talking about handheld. Not tripod shots.

Well, I probably didn't make my point all that clear.  On the Sigma, I was still seeing poor results without upping the shutter speed and hence the ISO.  Of course upping the ISO causes IQ issues as well.  This was on a tripod and actually a bit with both cameras.  I attribute this to a few things that helped today.  Less wind in where my tripod was, we are talking a few MPH less, so not a lot.  Probably more to do with it was the Front Curtain feature used in conjunction with the Mirror Up.

I never intended to make a point specifically about handheld when I posted my question, it really was a question and a product of my experience until today.  I blame it on OldanNew's head shake!

As I said in the post, it will take me a while to sort through myths and truths.  Perception is too often ones reality.

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