Just Got a Lumix GH4, Need Advice On Lenses

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Re: Just Got a Lumix GH4, Need Advice On Lenses

Historically I'm the person my friends hand their cameras too if they want steady shots in difficult circumstances... although my coffee consumption has gone up recently so maybe I should double-check that. Anyway, I'd still not do an important shot without a tripod or at least a stabiliser as the risk is just too high and the cost of getting a dud shot too much. Of course this varies with what you are shooting and what use you make of the resultant footage.

BTW never used Mercalli - how does it do with 4k, 1080/96p slow-mo and 1080/50p?


Mercalli for 4k is only available in the standalone version, not the plugin. It is fantastic with 4k, more pixels to work with = better software analysis. It only renders to mp4 or mov but at very high bitrate. Still, I think it is best used downstream from coloring. The standalone also does batch analysis and stabilization so you can let it work overnight for big projects. And by keeping borders in 4k, you can easily downrez on final render and frame the shot as you wish.

For 1080, oddly enough there is no built in template for 24fps, it defaults to 23.98 but I don't notice anything negative.

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