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Re: dont know why?

TITCHY wrote:

but i have never got a favourable reaction from this one , maybe I am wrong but I love the colours .

D800 , 50mm 1.4 hand held.

Yes, nice colors. I'll speculate on why it hasn't gotten favorable responses.

The size of butterfly is very similar to the size of the flower. They are also similar in color intensity and contrast. So, the image is made up of a scattering of similar sized objects that all have about the same ability to catch the eye. The result is that it is visually confusing. Like a room full of people all yelling to get your attention.

The butterflies are heading out of the frame. The eye follows where they are heading and leaves the picture.

This is one of those unfortunate, but all too common, situations where different elements in the shot conflict in where best to frame the shot. The flowers are best cropped as they are (it looks like there aren't as many flowers beyond the top of the frame), but the butterflies would be better in bottom left of the frame (rather than the upper right where they are).

You could try cropping a fair amount of the bottom and left so the butterflies are facing into frame rather than out. Eliminating a lot of the flowers in the left might reduce their distracting from the butterflies.

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