Just started playing with Iridient for my X-T1 files

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Re: Skin tones seem way more natural to me with iridient

Sal Baker wrote:

I'm not much of a techie, but I never needed to look at the manual with C1 Pro. Tools are located in groups represented by icons in the upper left of the screen. Toggle through them once and you're ready to go. I run it on my Mac Pro and have never had any stability problems, it's solid as a rock. Of course I've never had PhotoNinja or Iridient crash either.

I don't think this is a matter of supporting Adobe or not. This is a gear forum, and some people want to discuss processing software and quality of the rendering. I only care because I print large and need all the clean detail I can get when I interpolate to 360dpi at 16x20 to 20x30 inches. For most people this would be a non-issue.


I appreciate this. I know I have to make a change and I know C1 does excellent XTrans conversions and is an excellent editor. However, they've had issues with OpenCL for a few versions of 7 so far including the latest. There's no shortage of topics on the C1 forums discussing this as well as other stability issues. I don't mind turning off OpenCL but the impression I'm left with is there's more work to do and version 8 is not too far off.

At some point I'll give it a try and see just what their DAM looks like.

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