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Re: Milwaukee Art Museum - CC Please

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

Lovely colors, interesting lines in this first one. Yet, not my fav, for there's others more exciting to come. I'd recommend if you don't see it, look for CA/fringing to resolve it (something didn't look right with the trees off the bat, close examination shows why).

I think it was Andrew that spoke of noise, and also did a cloning example. The cloning wasn't bad - I thought that anyone looking that close at that detail would be more distracted by overall noise than anything else. For the screen display 100% might not be the best choice (2048 on largest side, max). Sort of a moot point - you provide original here for feedback purposes, I understand, but just mentioned in general if you want to just show the photo for itself (like you would on a digital frame at home or in a print).

Any noise seen at that size could've been slightly NR'd, and I'd wager you didn't use the mask (or use the Alt/Opt key while using the masking slider) to insure you didn't sharpen the no-detail sky along with the details to be sharpened.

OK, that out of the way. . .

Here's a weird notion - the left 45deg slanted roof and needle points towards the center of the top frame, and a line could be drawn from there down to the right tree. It's like a pyramid shape. The outside of the pyramid shape is lighter than the blue in the middle. Would a slight vignette of the corners make that invisible geometric a little tangible visually, would it add or detract from this?

Thanks so much for the detailed critique! Below is my attempt to follow your suggestions on the first one.

I actually tried using Lightroom noise reduction when I originally processed it but it reduced the detail in the near ground wall so obviously that I decided to try without it.

After your critique I decided to give Topaz DeNoise a try so I made a preset of my adjustments, reverted to the original version with cropping but no adjustments and then made a virtual copy.

Then I sent the copy through DeNoise, brought it back into Lightroom and applied my preset. The preset did not include all of my litter clean up with spot removal. I had to do that all over again. Do you know of a way to preserve ALL of your changes. Things like cropping did not show up on the preset dialog.

Anyway, what do you think of this version? Denoise, Defringing, Vignetting. To me, the DeNoise still seems to soften the near ground wall an awful lot.

I plan to rework the other photos, as well, incorporating your suggestions.

OK, here there's nothing to pick at technically.  But I'm sure you can see that yourself, no validation needed.

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