Close to returning a GX7 and grabbing a t4i... advice needed

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Close to returning a GX7 and grabbing a t4i... advice needed

Wow, haven't posted here since owning a Sony point and shoot, hah. Anyway, I know the topic title may seem blasphemous and something I've seen many people actually doing the exact opposite of by ditching their Rebels/dslr gear for a camera like this. Let me explain in detail why I'm not digging the GX7 and then ask for some honest help.

(Keep in mind before I continue that I'd been using a Panny fz150 bridge cam for 3-4 years until just a week ago, it's what I've grown accustomed to and this is my first step into micro 4/3 and even interchangable lens cams)

1. I really hate that exposure preview only works in manual mode, this is why I avoided getting a Nikon dslr because of this annoying quirk with their live view mode. I wouldn't have much of a problem with sticking to manual on the GX7 except there is no auto iso when using it, leaving too many parameters to constantly tweak on the go. I'm a fan of shutter and program mode.

2. The position and protrusion of the camera lugs are honestly the main reason I do not like even using this GX7, I've read the Oly OMD cams are just as bad about this. No matter which way I try to hold it, eventually the lug on the grip side ends up either digging into my hand or rubbing into the wedge between index and middle finger causing soreness and chafing. After four days of usage, I still can't avoid this nightmare.

3. I'm on a very tight budget so I'm stuck with the 14-42mm kit lens for the foreseeable future, leaving me with hardly any reach after just coming from a 24x zoom fz150. It just feels too limiting.

4. The tilt screen honestly sucks after having used a nice flip out for years. It's far too stiff, doesn't let you flip it around to prevent scratching or damage when not in use and isn't nearly as versatile. A shame too because it's very high quality.

So what I'd like to know is: how much image quality will I be giving up going from a GX7 with its newer sensor tech vs a Canon t4i which I've read hasn't changed in IQ much since the first rebel? I'm especially interested if the t4i will be much worse in low light, the main reason I ditched the fz150. I'm a Photoshop user if that helps so I have no problem with light noise removal.

I know the lens plays the most important role so I will be getting the Canon with the 18-135mm STM kit.

Is there anyone here who has used both or had a similar experience? Am I making a big mistake? I really want the flip out screen, to stick with touch screen and Canon's live view exposure accuracy. What I see on the LCD is what I'd like to get when taking a picture.

Bear in mind I've NEVER used a DSLR before or even handled one, and I actually miss the bulk and grip of my fz150. The GX7 feels like carrying around a little rectangle break with a small grip and those hellish strap lugs are the worst. It's a shame too because the pics it takes are incredibly nice and it has lightning fast focus, plus fun features like stop motion video.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i) Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
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