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The only important bits to remember are that the other countries don't like England. 

Don't go to Scotland, Wales and (parts of) Northern Ireland and refer to the natives as English as we tend to get hostile.

Some parts of Northern Ireland are very very proud to be part of the United Kingdom though and some parts are very very unhappy that they are not part of the Republic of Ireland.

The Scots are very happy to be friendly to anybody who are hostile to the English.

Most parts of Wales ditto, apart from the parts that are very nearly part of England which are indifferent to the whole country business.

In addition the people in North Wales think the people in South Wales are practically English anyway.

And the people in the West of Scotland dislike the people in the East of Scotland or more specifically the people in Glasgow dislike the people in Edinburgh and think the Edinburgh people think they are superior to people in other parts of Scotland

Finally everyone outside the the South East of England doesn't like London, including most parts of England.

It's quite simple really.

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