EM1 in Croatia. Travel Impressions

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Mark Rosen
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EM1 in Croatia. Travel Impressions

Lovran, Croatia. "Austrian Riviera"

Let me first state that I have been using Canon DSLR's for about 10 years, a 7D for about 4 years. Because of bulk while traveling, I switched to a Sony NEX 5n for a year, it took great images, but not so fond of the lenses, and slow auto focus... So I sold it and bought an Olympus OMD EM5. I traveled to India with the EM5 and like it, but it never was quite satisfying. When I picked up the EM1 and felt the camera in my hands I was sold. The ergonomics are terrific. Below is what I have learned during 2 weeks of traveling with the EM1 in Croatia. This is my first real intensive experience with the camera.

  1. The EVF lags, when turning the camera on... such that the camera may not be ready and will miss quick shots. This is significant limitation of EVF / mirror-less cameras.
  2. The EVF shuts off if you are wearing sun glasses. It took me a while to figure out why my viewfinder kept going black. Another significant limitation of EVF / mirror-less cameras.
  3. The 12-40 2.8 is an absolute gem. It is fast, bright, and constant. This lens makes the EM1 feel like a very special camera. Day time use is great. Night use is also fantastic.
  4. The 14-140 is just ok. It is dark, slow, has poor contrast, and is just not as much fun. The EM1 feels sluggish with this lens. This lens however does provide a reach that is essential when on the go, traveling, and is often perfect when I want to catch a subject that is far away.
  5. The 9-18 is great and I was glad to have it with me, but I only used it about 10% of the time.
  6. I never really used the 75-300, or my 17 1.8.
  7. The next time I travel (China in September) I will bring a back-up EM5 with a 40-150 lens, and leave the 14-150 at home. I wish olympus would provide a firmware update with a 0 second shutter shock solution for the EM5.
  8. The EM1 with the 12-40 is indeed water proof. During several days of heavy rain the camera performed admirably, while other cameras were failing all around me. God bless you Olympus.
  9. The UV filter fogged up during heavy rain. I had to remove it for several days. I really like using the camera without the filter, but am a bit paranoid about not having the lens protected.
  10. Lightroom 4 (on my travel laptop - 11" MBA) will not recognize EM1 raw files... (I have LR5 on my desktop, and work laptop) Whoops. Must upgrade when I get home.
  11. Lost my hot shoe cover while changing lenses on my last day... In the hot sun. I just reordered the piece, and will have to be more careful in the future.
  12. Despite many hot bright days, and carrying the camera over my shoulder, I see absolutely no evidence of EVF damage.
  13. Chewed up batteries quickly. Glad I brought 4 olympus batteries with me. Sometimes went through 3 a day.
  14. Almost everyone traveling carried a Nikon or Canon, with an occasional Sony mirror-less (5%?).
  15. I saw only one other person with an olympus EM1 during the entire 15 days. This was on my last day of travel... In Ljubljana, Slovenia. I never saw an EM5.
  16. I love the OMD EM1.
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