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Re: Ok, I bought one... ... ...

Lord metroid wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

Congratualtions. Keep you DP2s, though. It is a nice camera that is easy to bring along whenever you are around.

I will only be keeping one camera. I do not like to own superfluous possessions. I do not see any reason for why I would ever bring the SIGMA DP2s with me ever again now when I bought a SIGMA DP2 Merrill.

Or does the SIGMA DP2s have any qualities which supersede the SIGMA DP2 Merrill?

I tis up to you if you want to sell of course I'll be keeping my DP2, DP2s, DP2M even if I have the dp2q

What I enjoy with the dp2 (original) is that it was easy to put in my pocket. So if I just went a bit out it could be with me in case I suddenly saw a motif.

As was mentioned bokeh and portrait is two things that the DP2s is nice for.

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