Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

Started Jul 21, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: No

Since it is the only tool we have, and Adobe is stonewalling Sigma, you should at least be thankful that Sigma put this much effort into SPP. Come to think of it, Eric Chan lives right down there in Boston. Why not give him a call and tell him to get hie rear in gear. The ball has been in his court since the introduction of the SD1. He has had everything he needs from Sigma to get this done.

Those are facts, not fiction or whining.

What are the facts here, Laurence? My opinion is Sigma needs Adobe more than Adobe needs Sigma. You seem to think the opposite, which I respect. You say Adobe has everything it needs. How to YOU know? Please tell me. I'd rather have your facts than my "fiction and whining", which I find offensive.

I just wrote Eric, so I will investigate.

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