OM-D EM-5 Problem - Shutter locks closed

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Re: Sounds like the same problem I had

Hi, I have a similar problem: sometimes the shutter locks shut for no apparent reason (not fast shooting or anything) and I have to turn the camera off and on again. I am also concerned that the first photo I take each time I turn the camera on is either pitch black – shutter shut – or underexposed. When I take the second picture, it is always slightly more exposed, and it doesn't matter which setting I'm using. Is this at all normal? It's annoying, because I frequently miss a good shot. I have tried reseating the lens and I do have a good enough memory card. Does this sound like camera or lens? I will try my other, rarely-used lens now I have read that it could be a lens problem.

I am going to contact Hdew AGAIN with this problem, although I expect they will say it is MY fault, as they did when I had to return my first EM5 as it developed a fault with the art filter after just two weeks. I am disappointed in Olympus, although it is a really good camera WHEN it works.


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