A digital printer's "Bible"

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Re: A digital printer's "Bible"

gregbartgis wrote:

Hi, all!

I'd like some advice. I would like to purchase a book covering all aspects of digital printing. I want something which will cover it thoroughly touching on all aspects including settings, setup, editing tools, sizing, choosing papers, sizing charts - in other words a fairly encyclopedic text. Is t6hewre such a book? Will I need to purchase a library - or jus a couple of books? cI want print - I love to read BOOKS. I may be asking too basic a question, but iof any of you has a favorite, I'd like to know about it and why you like it. As you can tell, I'm new to digital printing, but fully expect to be able to do the same level prinmting I did when I was printing on sensitized media. Anything and everything. Nothing will be considered too basic or too complex. I want it all!

Thanks in advance!


Another vote for Jeff Schewe's The Digital Print. Even if you get other such books, this one is worth reading.

Something to look out for in your quest; books on digital printing can be very date sensitive because the technology changes so rapidly.


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