Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

It goes actually both ways. Too little local contrast might erase information that you cannot get back. Too much local contrast creates texture that might be hard to reduce without destroying detail.

The creative use of an "air-brush" has always allowed one to produce a nice portrait from any camera from a well composed and well focused image.  In the film days specialized papers were designed for portrait.  Most of the current cameras provide too much information to produce flattering portraits - out of the box. There was a fist fight on the Nikon forum about if the D800 had too much detail for portrait photography.  It's not and the argument is ricidious  since and shows the lack of understanding of the art and craft of photography since Edward Weston produces some wonder portraits (and flattering nudes) from 8x10 negatives. Want to see detail look at one of Weston's prints.

Texture is in fact detail.  It might be distracting detail but it is detail unless it is false detail from aliasing which is the case in distant foliage and grass.  Small wrinkles and pours are also details that exist on most people's faces which needs to be soften.

I would rather have the detail - than not have it.  You can't produce it if it is not there.  You can calm it by turning down soft contrast and "structure" in a good imaging editor. DXO Pro does a wonderful job as does Capture One in working with softening texture and providing a nice soft finish without destroying detail.

I think at the end of the day the problem with all of Sigma's cameras is people are crippled having to deal with SPP.  They produce a nice niche camera.  It won't work well on the street since it is too slow. Forget sports but when you have the time to take the time it can produce nice results. However, SPP is a joke and there is little support aside from SPP probably because of the work it would require to develop and maintaining a good raw developer for a limited install base.

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