Explosive mix of Music and Boxing (µFT and FT photos - high ISO)

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MatsP wrote:

Fantastic pictures! I really don't like boxing or other kinds of martial arts but I must admit that this kind of event with a mix of poetry slam and music and body art/brutal dancing if I may call it that has a certain appeal.

I'm not much of a martial arts fan either, but I enjoy a new photographic challenge.

That is why I photographed aikido recently, and now this. The concert part was not really new for me, but the boxing was.

Gets my adrenalin flowing (not for the violence but for the prospect of doing something new and hoping it will work and fearing it will not...)

Going in, I imagined myself stopping motion on sweat being propelled off bodies and faces. That would have required a fast flash, but I did get close enough.

Anyway : it was not only the martial arts thing, but like you said, the whole mix, that was interesting:

* great music by a large orchestra that mastered soul just as well as salsa or afro ska

* intense moments of spoken word testimony in which one could hear a pin drop

* projections of Muhammad Ali but also of other iconic figures and events of the era.

Anyway, where did this happen?

This was in Antwerp. Part of the "Summer of Antwerp" festival, in which some of the best performances of the past year (theater, circus, you name it) are presented in original locations. And it is not yet over. If you are near Antwerp : last three shows are today, tomorrow and Sunday.  Look here for info :


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