Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

Erational wrote:

Shortly I will be driving myself crazy comparing my old M to the new Q. I can't keep them both. It is dizzying how some folks shots from the Q will definitely look better than the Q and vise-versa.

My anxiety comes in the form of wondering if I will loose that ethereal 3-D-ness I cherish so much with my M-series camera. Perhaps a better question would be 'How much flatter do the images look'? Do you new Quattro owners feel it's 80% what you had with your Merrill ? 50%? Perhaps you feel the image is just as 'Flat' as that of a Bayer camera.

Do tell.


Merrill and Quattro are two brothers. Merrill is less shiny than the other, have more personality and an immediate wow effect even if you have a D800. Apart if you have 900$ to throw away and like rubber band SD card doors, there is no real reason to jump on the quattro when you have the Merrill actually on the market. Buy two more battery (you already have 2 in the box), buy some accessory and you ok.

The Quattro do not have this wow effect, at all. If you take time to watch the old threads when merrill was launched... Apples and Oranges

The Merrill might have some drawbacks but, at unanimity, still the VERY camera who will give you satisfaction, trust me, especially for this price. In 5 years, if Merrill and Quattro are collector items, the Merrill might worth far more than the Quattro.

The Merrill is just the mature brother.

I use to know and be a Leica user. Remember the Jump from the M9 to the M240 ? >> Same story. One have soul, directly, because of CCD. The other is just ... normal. A D610 + good lenses kill the M240, I do not even speak about the D800/810.

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