Sigma 35 1.4/Nikon D810 live view AF does not work.

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Re: Update the FW - mine works perfectly

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I have an early version lens I upgraded the FW on recently. Works great in LV and in PDAF.

The dock isn't expensive and gives you a far superior mechanism for micro adjusting focus to the camera body. What's not to like?

#1, the adjustment process is pretty technical and probably above the capability level of a lot of users.

#2, in a way, Sigma is passing the buck with the USB dock. It shouldn't be the customer's responsibility to do that much tweaking to get a lens to work as advertised.

#3, why is that level of adjustment even necessary in the first place?

1. The firmware update takes about a minute and is pretty automatic, there is nothing technical about it at all.

2. That's a pretty negative way to look at a feature that is a great help to have, many lenses need some sort of AF fine tuning including Nikons own. With the dock Sigma are offering another option.

3. What level of adjustment? We are discussing a firmware update.

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I am not talking about firmware updates. I'm talking about AF fine-tuning. How many users have the kind of knowledge to perform rigorous testing and evaluations to accurately assess the results of an AF fine-tuning micro-adjustment on the Sigma dock? How many users are just going to make their Sigma lenses focus even less accurately (as hard as that is for me to imagine)?

really? It is that hard for people to use a computer keyboard for the closer focus distances and a newspaper for the longer focus distances. I found it a lot easier to use than camera focus microadjust...

Other lenses have firmware updates too, including Nikon's own...yes. Of course. And that's fine and dandy. But no other lens requires you to go out and buy a proprietary dock to accomplish it.

Neither does Sigma. You can take  lens to a dealer or distributor to have the firmware upgraded if you prefer. You can also ask them to adjust the focus. The point is that the dock removes the need to do this

If Sigma is going to tout their dock as a necessary piece of equipment to get the most out of their lenses, then Sigma should be including the dock WITH the lens, not as an optional extra.

but why do people need to pay for something they only need one of each time they buy a lens. Please don't tell me Sigma should give it away free - we all know customers end up footing the bill.

And in general, Nikon lenses typically work fine even if they don't have the latest firmware. With Sigma lenses, that firmware update may very well be necessary for the lens to work as it should, as indicated by this thread.

curious the way that body firmware updates break AF on third party lenses isn't it? Seems borderline anti-competitive to me, but I suppose Nikon know what they are doing.

have you read the lensrentals piece? Deals with all of these criticisms.

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