D700 to D810 (D800/E) - Hobbyists, how did you feel at the upgrade?

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D700 to D810 (D800/E) - Hobbyists, how did you feel at the upgrade?

The professionals know what they need -- as for hobbyists... not always.

Have any of you upgraded from the D700?  How are you "feeling" right now?  What are the things that bugged you?  What do you love?

This is not a thread to bash the D810 or D800 series -- just to keep expectations in check.

For example:

- I LOVE the sound of the shutter going off (so damn quiet compared to D700!!),

- I HATE the new "beep" (previously I used it when not at a social event to confirm S focus); somehow Nikon managed to make an incredibly annoying sound.. sound even MORE worse, lol.

- The size of images at full magnification in the LCD is only 33% to 50% larger than the D700.. I was expecting images to be like 3 times as big, haha; but that was an irrational expectation (again, this thread is targeted to hobbyists).

- The feel of the body is only as good as the D700, perhaps slightly worse in some regards, slightly better in other regards.

- I don't think much of the D810 LCD monitor.  I heard its better than the D800 series, but when you look at it, its only slightly (very very slightly) bigger than the D700 LCD, and its extremely laggy when previewing an image.  Perhaps this depends on the memory card; I was using a backup memory card thats a bit older.  But pictures appear instantaneously on the D700, but take about a 1 second to load on the D810, and it feels a bit frustrating.  This isn't just when its saving, its when its already saved.

- The .JPEG image quality looks noisier, or AS noisy as the D700, especially because it feels like to handhold the D810 camera you need to be at an ISO stop faster.  I don't really have any feeling that its cleaner at all.  If anything, the defects stand out more?  (But this is at 100%; resized its obviously better -- again, I'm just talking from a hobbyist basic consideration).

- There is no Flash contacts cover, lol.. why not??  Don't care.  Just strange; every Nikon I've had has one.  My theory is that they are making the flash contacts different now, and the cover would bend some of the parts down needlessly.

- The body of the D810 seems to get warm -- and not over the battery, under the LCD and on the left side.  Not sure what that's about.  And not during video exactly, just... in general.  Its a bit warm.  Why is that?  The D700 was cool as a cucumber.  Is it overheating?  I hope not.  Or maybe its temperature is just slightly warmer and that's all it is.  *shrug*  Not really an issue.  But this was within 20 minutes, so I wonder how that is after several hours?

- Every image looks like it was shot with high ISO.  I don't find low ISOs to be particularly clean looking.  Again, at 100%.  But am I supposed to really consider everything at resized??

- The feel of the Grip is quite reasonable and you'll feel at home.  The button layout for the thumb is a bit worse if you have big hands/long fingers.  In generally, I like the ergonomics even with things rearranged.  I'm really not sure why they flipped the preview magnification and zoom out buttons, no big deal.

- I can easily find the limitation of my older lenses.

- The D810 has a pretty nice feel to it overall (all things taken together and is a very good camera if you want a very good camera -- just you have to realize the D700 was a very very good camera too, so you can restrain your optimism, or itll be slightly disappointing that the D810 doesn't walk on water and convert water to wine!)

Okay thats enough stupid examples.  Again, I'm not being critical.  I'm just breaking through the D700 to D810 barrier by pointing out stuff that Hobbyists might not think about when using the camera (often in a .JPEG mode).  You've been hearing so many oohs and aahs about the D800 and D800E, its adjustment time when considering D700 vs. D810.  This thread is about the psychology of a hobbyist moving from D700 to a D800 series/D810.. not really about the D810 itself.

I'm probably going to keep it for the sound of the shutter, the extra detail, and the video and because I intend to get much much more serious in the coming years.  This camera will really challenge you to improve your technique, because it exposes your every flaw.  In general I would tell a Hobbyist to go with the D610, not the D810, and save a ton of money.  And if you don't need video, the D700 still is amazing as heck!


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