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Re: The D810 is pointless if you don't make prints

What I have found with very large sized original files is that Image Size->Bicubic Smoother (enlargement) up to either 300 dpi (Canon printers) or 360 dpi (Epson) at whatever larger size you want produces extremely smooth and cohesive looking results on large prints, especially along high contrast edges that tend to look like crud with normal sharpening. The result produces an image that looks very detailed without having the edge-grizzling effects of old-fashioned sharpening. This is one very significant benefit of 36mp files, and the difference in results compared to normal sharpening the same size or smaller files is extremely impressive starting with about 20 x 30 inch prints.

Looking at a properly upsized and well printed D8xx print reminds me of old photos taken with rich, thick emulsion films and view cameras, such as the look of an original Hurrell portrait print which every photographer should make an effort to see in person. Was very difficult to get such looks with smaller mp files. A lot has to do with how the edges work, and that has been the place digital has come up short...until now.

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