What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

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Re: What IS the benefit of buying a used X-E2 over a similar X-E1 ??

I don't think you are really interested in buying an X-E1 or X-E2, you just likes to jabber and whine about it.

All this talk about auto focus speed seems kind of lame if you came from the days of manual TLR or rangefinder cameras. I have an X-E1, and think the focus is just fine. I can always pre-focus if I am that concerned.

Earlier you were talking about needing to use two eyes when composing, well I have always done that with my old film rangefinders, and can still do it with my X-E1. Yes I can shoot with both eyes open while using the EVR. No sweat!

I also have my review of the picture just taken turned off which makes the X-E1 much faster to use. If I want to see what I just took, I can always hit the wedge button to look at it. Again in the old days you had to wait until you developed the film to see what you had, so this is not a big deal for me.

In my opinion the worst of today's automated digital cameras are a great improvement compared to what cameras used to be.

I purchased the X-E1 with the 10-55mm lens because it was a screaming deal at $695.00 I have also picked up a 27mm and 35mm lens for it. I really like the 35mm lens which stays on the camera most of the time. Again no focus issues with either lens.

As a side note I really like the JPEGs it produces.

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