Confusion about my first DSLR continues...

Started Jul 22, 2014 | Questions thread
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+1 Sony

Of the two, I tend to recommend the Sony. Pros:

  • Much better automatic modes.
  • Better to learn on. You can preview exposure in manual modes, and review accurately with EVF
  • Less crippled. Canon and Nikon tend to cripple low-end offerings a lot to avoid cannibalizing high-end sales. Sony does it a fair bit too, but less. A few brands, like Pentax, compete more with Canon and Nikon, so don't do it at all.
  • Image stabilization is in the body. That's nice. You can shoot wide aperture lenses stabilized.

Lens cost and selection is comparable -- Canon has more lenses, but Sony has more useful lenses in their respective lineups. In the end, it's a wash, and it depends on what you're doing. Both are more than adequate for most users.

Upside of the Canon is many prefer an optical viewfinder. I'm not a big fan of optical anymore -- electronic has gotten quite good, and the Canon has a dim and tiny optical viewfinder. I don't like optical until I hit something like a Canon 6D or 5DIII. If I did a lot of sports, I'd definitely prefer optical. I also prefer Canon's colors, personally.

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