Do higher MP camera require faster shutter speeds?

Started Jul 22, 2014 | Questions thread
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Not necessarily

AM4L wrote:

Is that what this amounts to is very stable or very fast or both on D8X0's?

I think if thats the case then maybe ISO improvements need to come faster than more pixels for non studio shooters?


In my experience they are simply more sensitive to vibration combined with poor technique. The D800E produced more vibration at lower shutter speeds, so sometimes, you might see an image that would show that as blur (often when the camera was handheld) whereas a lower res camera might not show it. However, if you handle the camera properly and you aren't simply handholding with one hand, you'll get great results at most shutter speeds (and that includes the D800/E). To be clear, not for one moment am I saying this is a tripod only studio camera. That's hogwash. However, if you are used to handling a DSLR like a P&S, that is less successful as a technique with the D800 series. Also, the D810 is better in this regard, due to a lower amount of vibration (though that's anecdotal from me).

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