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Re: The D810 is pointless if you don't make prints

My best advice: people who don't make prints are wasting their money on camera with more than 12mp sensors.

36mp images shot with a killer lens and killer technique look sensational at 30 x 45 on up.  But it takes around that much blow up to see all the detail that can be (potentially) recorded on a sharp 36mp file.  But for 1280 pixel wide images online, what's the damned point?

PS, people who crop more than 5 or 10% don't know how take pictures, so that's not a valid reason.  Persons suffering from Cropper's Disease should equip themselves with a superzoom camera and always work at the longest possible focal length, only gradually widening the view until they realize that Tunnel-Vision (which is the very essence of cropping) is not the only way to see and that the space around a subject is an important part of the narrative.  And indeed, that spaces for their own right are sometimes a worthy subject.

And to just come out and say it: you can make money selling prints a lot easier than you can with images that remain within the digital domain.

Care to give me $10,000 so I can pick up some super zooms and vaccinate myself against Croppers Disease?
Life was a lot easier when I didn't give a crap what my pictures looked like

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