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Re: The D810 is pointless if you don't make prints

Awright!  Nice lookin' medium sized print there! 

I do a lot of those crossways 29 x 43.5 prints for art fairs.  Very easy size to sell, since it fits the empty space a lot of people have above their sofas, beds, reception room couches, etc.  And it's it still not quite so big that they can't just haul it away right then without shipping hassles.

Smart Sharpen in Photoshop CC has a new option for upsizing so you can print at 300 or 360 or whatever your printer natively likes.  Eliminates jaggies, increases apparent smoothness, and also increases apparent sharpness.  Well worth using, even if it does create a file 4x or 5x bigger than your original.  Resize 7.5 also does a pretty good job at that, but the new new Smart Sharpen Enlargement option is now to be preferred for upsizing most images.  Not worth doing for canvas, but can really help with smooth, sharp printing papers.

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