Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

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Re: My Conclusion

Lin Evans wrote:

Nice explanation Max,

My assumption is then that the Lumix is probably applying even more compression than Blackmagic to get their 4K down to work within the confines of the 30 mb per second rating on the UHS SC III card. This then means, as I understand your blog, that the color may be compromised to facilitate the resolution of the video. The 8 mp stills don't look too bad (example on the dPReview of this camera) but like any smaller sensor camera, it's already sacrificing a good deal of IQ to enable all the features.

The Blackmagic 4K camera write to SSD drives, so doesn't have the speed bottleneck. You just have to have deep pockets for the drives and a serious PC to process the footage.

Ultimately, all sensor color is "compromised" because we only see in 24bits and in video, we don't notice color smeaing. A lot of this stuff is pyschological/physiological, just like MP3 audio compression.

However, in the real world, the bigger problem is the cost/speed of processing RAW video. I had a Blackmagic camera, and though I loved it, it was a lot time to process the videos. Ultimately, I bought a Panasonic, wimp that I am


Still, there is no beating RAW video if you can deal with it.

One other thing, 1080 isn't really 1080 in resolving power, due to aliasing, etc.  4K is near perfect down-scaled 1080.  That's why it's such a hit.

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