Will the Quattro Embarrass Sigma into dropping their camera line?

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Re: I have DP Merrill for low ISO and Ricoh GR for high ISO. Happy.

I have been very critical of Sigma's decision to abandon he original X3 Foveon design and philosophy of ultimate per pixel resolution. That said, the Quattro's image quality easily kicks the crap out of anything you can get with a similar MP Bayer sensor camera. Easily. The only thing that limits a more widespread adoption is it's high ISO performance, which isn't much better than the Merrill sensor. Sadly people are obsessed with high ISO performance. Hard to say if the Quattro will be a success in that case.

In my case I got both ends covered with DP Merill for lower ISOs and a Ricoh GR for high ISO. The best of both worlds.

I couldn't agree more. Sigma high ISO isn't as bad as people say because high-ISO bayer isn't as good as people think (and I have full-frames) As I wrote above, what irks me the most is the Quattro hogs my camera bag and is needlessly wide in my opinion. Anyway, like you, I can pick from a truck-load of bayers for high-ISO. There is only one Sigma. In addition to ultimate pixel resolution I'd love to see them increase dynamic range (or get SPP smarter about how it handles RAW convrsion). A lot of people will get mad at me on that one, but I feel you'll sympathize

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