Do higher MP camera require faster shutter speeds?

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Re: Amen to that!

Grevture wrote:

ormdig wrote:

no. It's true that to get what the camera is fully capable of you have to have everything as perfect as possible. That's true of any camera.

A fact many people tend to forget.

But... the camera in low light with slow shutter speeds is going to put out excellent images because of those 36MPs and it's excellent low light capabilities. I am an inveterate pixel peeper and I have taken thousands of images is less than stellar (not literal) light that are fine. These claims of it being a "studio only" camera are hogwash. It's the easiest camera to get great images in almost any situation that I have used,

Agree. At its very worst, you will get about equal results as a lower resolution camera, but most often you get better results or significantly better results.

To the OP: For sure, with higher resolutions you can see smaller details and consequently you can also spot camera shake that would have remained hidden by a lower resolution camera. So yes, when looking at 100% pixels, it can appear slightly more difficult to hand hold a 36 MP camera then say a 12 MP camera. But try blowing up images from that 12 MP camera to the same scale as those from a 36 MP, view at 100% and then it won't look pretty either

First of all, going from say 12 MP to 36 MP is not even a doubling of the linear resolution, to get that you need to go from 12 to 48 MP. So it is a gradualincrease, not a dramatic one. Still, after over two years with the D800 quite a few people is still very intimidated by that seemingly large number. Just wait until we get 50 and at some point 100 MP cameras when they will argue how hard these cameras are to use and how much easier it was back when resolutions were kept at a reasonable level like, say, 36 MP

The point signature 'ormdig' makes is a good one: In most real world photography it is actually easier to get good looking images with a 36 MP camera then with a 6, 12 or even 24 MP one. Sure, it is a tad harder to get 100% out of every pixel yes, but since you got so much more of those pixels, most of the time you really do get better images also when not taking extra care and attention.

Look at it this way: With a lower resolution camera you are for sure hiding some issues like camera shake, but you are also hiding the full potential of the situation you are shooting. Quite a few people in these forums are so mortally afraid of not having every image looking perfect in 100%, so they rather use a low resolution camera to capture less detail in every image. Sure fewer images will look blurry in 100%, but that means their good images will only have a part of the sharpness and crispness they could have had ... To me that is just a backwards way of thinking.

I get what your saying, I believe in that the "Image Rules" and not so much the detail, unless, of course that detail is in fact the subject and or one is cropping for the desired "Image".

Its obvious though so far that when hand holding, the 3X rule works better for me as I always tried to follow a 2x rule previously anyways.

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