Macro - Raynox 250 or legacy glass with an adapter?

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Macro - Raynox 250 or legacy glass with an adapter?

The Raynox looks like a viable option, if not for my 14 and 18-55, then for the 55-200 (from what I've read). I'm also considering getting a used macro lens and adapter. Here's one suggestion I've come across on another Fuji X forum:

1. Buy a cheap Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 either MF or AF WITH AN APERTURE RING.
2. Buy a inexpensive Nikon F adapter (no need for the more expensive ones that allow aperture control for Nikon G lenses).
3. Buy a used or new inexpensive Nikon BR-2A reversing ring.
4. Mount adapter to body, BR-2A to adapter and then screw 50mm Nikkor onto the thread of BR-2A.
5. Now you have 1:1 magnification ratio or better (if you add some extension tubes between adapter and BR-2A) for less than $300.00
Note1: the more extension tubes you use or the wider the lens you reverse the greater the magnification.
Note2: it's better to reverse a lens for magnification than to just use extension tubes because you'll maintain a better front working distance.

Someone else mentioned the Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 as being "legendary sharp."

I'm not doing anything professional and wouldn't be doing enough macro work to justify buying the Fuji XF 60 but sometimes once you dive into something you go deeper than expected.  The Raynox looks small and convenient but having another lens with an adapter in my bag isn't an issue and it seems I'll be practically limited to using it with the 55-200.  From what I've researched so far going with a used macro lens and adapter shouldn't cost much more than the Raynox.  Should I keep it simple and go with the Raynox or shop around for a decent used legacy lens?  If legacy glass, any thoughts or suggestions on a decent lens other than the two mentioned that won't break the bank yet give me results comparable to the standards I'm accustomed to with the Fuji glass?

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