Image quality from Canon G1X MkII

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Re: Image quality from Canon G1X MkII

crashpc wrote:

I get that. Those even can disagree on obvious apparent facts visible all they want. Not a problem here.

I could ask more technically offensively - how do they objectively express how good is G1X II JPEG processing, when they don´t own cams to compare with? I own(ed) those with better JPEG output, so I at least have some reference point to compare. This is apparently Cat and Mouse game. I did my assumption, showed my results, and what happened next is pages of arguing from people who didn´t manage to dig better qualities from their images. Cool. I think I have enaugh, I made enaugh of excitement and anxiety, which leads to more like personal confrontation, so it´s time to keep it how it is and leave... If anybody needs to talk it trough, PM me, I´ll not participate in this thread anymore. cheers.

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Why does he do it?


this is not to evaluate and rate all the valuable contributions of so many posters of this great thread. I have not the time and the skills to add something new. I just want to say that your opinion in this thread reflects exaxtly the outcome of the G1X Mk2 test in the higly respected german journal Colorfoto (paper only for the moment). They stated that all the preconditions are fulfilled to provide great picture quality (sensor type, pixel density, lens etc.) but the in camera processing is adjusted very hard, leading to a kind of artificial appearance; like you mentioned here, they also found halo effects on edges. - If there will be a link to this test in the near future, I will of course provide it here.

For the majority this is not relevant, just pixel peeping. However, for me, this let me hesistate at least for the moment to upgrade. In some areas of provided examples, there is a pattern like looking through some sort of frosted glass, also in the faces of DPR studio pictures.

I would be happy to know, whether this could be fixed by camera settings (reduce sharpness?) without RAW processing.

Thank you all for this very informative thread! Hope to read more from crashpc


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