Just started playing with Iridient for my X-T1 files

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Re: Skin tones seem way more natural to me with iridient

leaf shutter wrote:

So those of you who went back to LR... does that mean that LR has improved or simply that Iridient wasn't the best processor?

And for those who prefer PN, is the interface easy to learn? I don't mind the extra cost of another developer, but I know how to use LR and am hoping that a second option will be easy to learn.

LR has improved greatly since the early X-Trans days. Some still don't like it (mostly just for very dense, green, leafy images), but many more have found it to be very good, and worth any small nitpicks because it's so fast and has such a robust file cataloguing/tagging system.

PN has an initial wow factor - the image that pops up on screen looks great, and I have to admit it's colors are very nice, but files don't look any "better" (sharper/cleaner) than LR to my eye. What put me off of PN was the supposed "highlight recovery". It simply takes any blown out areas and adds in a "false" color. LR actually "recovers" much more real information from the files. For me, this is more important. Colors can always be tweaked.

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