Do higher MP camera require faster shutter speeds?

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Re: Do higher MP camera require faster shutter speeds?

AM4L wrote:

Is that what this amounts to is very stable or very fast or both on D8X0's?

I think if thats the case then maybe ISO improvements need to come faster than more pixels for non studio shooters?


The issues are are related to smaller pixel size receiving less actual information or signal compared to the same amount of 'noise' per time of the shutter being open and receiving light. Like a analog radio that is farther and farther away from the sending station. The static noise eventually overcomes the announcer's coverage of the baseball game. You find it harder and harder to hear the game (or see the actual image) until it is only noise. In the case of the radio, you turn the volume up but also increase the volume of static. In a camera, the brightness is increased but also increases the  visible noise.

That is one aspect of higher MPs. The other is that of movement of the camera or the movement of the objects photographed. The smaller size of pixel -per time the shutter is open- affects how long or brief the shutter has to be opened to have a crisp, sharp image or a smeared imaged where a distinct object is spread over several pixels. A smaller shutter speed is required for a larger MP camera. To increase the shutter speed to match the requirements to capture a sharp image it also requires an increase in ISO which also increases the noise of the image. Not so important on a bright day but not so good in a dimmer environment where a larger pixel camera would be better.

Compare the D4 camera to the D800/D810 on the DXO site.

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