Plane shot down mistakenly

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Re: So, the UN .. A bit late

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After the event ....

The black boxes are probably already in the hands of the Dutch

The bodies are on their way back to Holland ..

And the investigation team is now at the crash site ..

Still ..

Today I read that the black boxes will be handed over to the Malaysian investigators.

Yes, you are quite right, my mistake. I understand that they have now been handed over to the Malaysians. Lets hope no one tampered with them.

A guy last night, who I assume was an expert on black boxes, said it was not possible to change the data on the recorder without experts knowing that it had changed.

He basically asserted that it would be extremely hard to even try to change the data.

Latest news is that there are Bullet holes in Plane?? and reports that Fighter Plane was in area at time of incident??

The last place to look for the objective information is in the soviet mass media. Russian propaganda is crude and stupid because it's designed mostly for domestic consumption. I wouldn't be surprised that 80% of Russian population believe anything soviet-style TV shows them.

80%+ of any country's population believe what is repeatedly told to them, through mass media, churches or other means.

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