Poking the Hornet's Nest (Leica T Shooting Experience)

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Poking the Hornet's Nest (Leica T Shooting Experience)

Oh dear DPReview people... I believe you have mistaken honest opinion for martyrdom.

I'm not at all certain that you'll like what comes next.

There is a wedding coming up in August that I have to shoot. I'm taking a Fuji XPro1 and perhaps a Fuji XE-1. I'm also thinking of taking a Contax G or Leica M-8 with a 90mm lens. None of these cameras is perfect. In fact, they can all be quirky. There is a learning curve.

The important thing is though, that they take excellent pix once you figure out how they work.

You said, dear DP, that the Leica takes excellent pix. For many of us, that's the only real consideration. That (AND!) they impress clients. Clients are used to seeing Nikon and Canon shooters with p__is extension-sized lenses. When they see a camera that's different, well, you get mileage out of that. You get referrals for, "art" and "taste".

Referrals make me happy.

When the XPro1 came out it was full of interesting quirkyness and has since become quite the useful tool. I suspect this new Leica will turn out the same way.

Ad astra per aspera, dear DP. Have fun.

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